Hire Me

When you are working on a project, every hour and every penny counts.


Are you time-crunched?

Let me do some of the research legwork for you, by delegating and sharing your workload with me.

I research and develop custom lists, for time crunched Creative Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Coaches, such as:

♦ People (prospects, influencers, experts)
♦ Products/services
♦ Guest blogging opportunities
♦ Events and networking opportunities
♦ General information gathering; arts & culture

Research & Build-A-List Services14288135_05fd9e848a_z

  • A researched list of 7 {insert your topic or need here} to use for your business

Visit the blog for examples of recent posts called List of 7. Or contact me for a quote on your next project, here.

Research & Project Coordination Services

  • Research and then coordinate all the details of the project for you

If any of these apply to you, then it’s time to contact me, I can help.

Helping time crunched people solve problems and find business opportunities faster!