Preserving Family Histories: Meet Jennifer Campbell

1. Please introduce yourself and briefly tells us what you do?

My name is Jennifer Campbell and I’m a personal historian, also known as a memoir writer, legacy writer, biographer or ghostwriter. I own a company called Heritage Memoirs based in Cobourg, Ontario. I’m married and have two adult sons.

I help people, families and businesses capture and preserve their histories, and publish their stories in heirloom books.

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Disrupting PR for Startups and Small Business: Meet Lyndon Johnson of COMMS.BAR

On Feb 1, Lyndon launched COMMS.BAR and appears to be turning traditional PR on its ear, by providing an alternative business model for startups and small business.

In our recent conversation, Lyndon shared his views about the PR industry and reasons for opening COMMS.BAR in Toronto. Here’s what he had to say:

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3 Questions with PC Service On Site Owners Meredith & Pete Skinner

Just think of us as your handyman for all of your IT requirements. – PC Service On Site

1. Great tagline! Briefly describe the kinds of IT problems you solve and share a couple of examples.

Tag line – in all honesty the tag line is in flux. Currently it is your technology solutions partner and now I am playing around with “when and where you need IT”. That being said what we are trying to convey to our potential clients that it’s all about them. Continue reading “3 Questions with PC Service On Site Owners Meredith & Pete Skinner”

Meet “Kickass Canadian” Founder & Writer Amanda Sage

Welcome Amanda. Please tell us what you do.

I’m a professional writer and director at Sage Words.

I do freelance communications writing for a living and work on a number of other projects on my own time, including the Kickass Canadians website. I also maintain a film blog called Brainflow, and have made short films and written and self-published children’s books (one for each of my nephews) under my shingle, Wonderpress. And I’m a keen photographer.

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