7 Canadian publications you need to know: Featuring profiles of people in business

My late Grandfather was a successful small business owner. He would often say, focus your attention on having good relationships with people, because if you want a thriving business:

It’s who you know.

Back then my Grandfather’s advice resonated with me, so I started a tickler file with articles about CEO’s and business professionals, torn out of newspapers and magazines. I would use the information for job hunting or to grow my professional network.

All these years later, I’ve maintained the habit of reading about people and the work they do:

  • for thought leadership and to stay informed
  • to find someone of interest to follow on social media
  • and to identify potential clients and work opportunities

To help you get started, here are 7 Canadian publications featuring profiles of people in business:


1.  Huddle Today

Lise Hansen and Allan Gates, Founders

Huddle tells the stories of the creative, innovative and interesting entrepreneurs working in New Brunswick and throughout the Maritimes. These are stories that are not told often enough.

2. Notable

Julian Brass, Founder and CEO

Canada’s online publication for driven Millennials. From professional to social to charitable, we stay notable.

3. Standout Publications

Tessa Lerbekmo-Joyes, CEO & Editor

STANDOUT Publications is a Calgary based magazine created by Canadians about Canadians who stand out. The next print edition, 2017.

4. SEE Change Magazine

Elisa Birnbaum, Co-founder, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
Nicole Zummach, Co-founder, Executive Editor-at-large

Canada’s first publication for and about social enterprise and entrepreneurship.

5. The Sheet

Belinda Alzner and Matt McCausland, Co-founders

Toronto startup scene on one piece of paper. You can find it at events and meetups around the city.

6. Village Living Magazine

Andrew Fishman and Iris Zimmer, Publishers

Midtown Toronto community based magazine connecting local residents with local businesses. We deliver 30,000+ magazines.

7. Ways We Work

Amandah Wood, Founder and Editor

Digital publication focused on telling stories and getting first-hand accounts of how people do the work they love.

-Is this list helpful? Love to hear your comments and feedback. Or, if you need a researched List of 7 that fits your business needs, please contact me here.