3 Questions with Life Coach & Minimalist Jo Bennett

Have you heard about Minimalism? To learn more, please meet Jo Bennett. She is a certified life coach and professional organizer, her specialty is Minimalism.

  1. What is your definition of Minimalism? And, how do you apply Minimalism to your coaching practice with clients?

Jo Bennett: Minimalism is mental, emotional and physical decluttering. It is a two fold process of letting go through the conscious curation of objects, assumptions and habits, followed by mindful repossession of the new found ‘space’.

Jo Bennett, Life Coach, Solomojo Coaching

Regardless of the overarching goal a client desires to achieve during our time together, each session usually reveals to them a packed, breathless life. They must give themselves permission to get back to basics; removing barriers is the simplest way to get to their truth. This provides a solid foundation that supports a refreshing path toward a meaning-filled life.

  1. How does your coaching impact a client’s work life?

Jo Bennett: Clients are essentially looking for contentment.

Every day is filled with effort, such as providing skills to a company, being a parent, going to night school and playing on a sports team. I call this our lifework and it takes up at least 16 hours a day! Connecting with purpose and creating calm in any of these areas has a direct impact on everything else.

In regards to careers, my self employed clients are often pulled in many directions with so many possibilities and challenges. My employed clients may enjoy stability by comparison but the hours are rigid and their passion is sometimes dampened.

What they all discover after using my tools is how distressingly low their self care has become. With a systematic approach, we start by simplifying their schedule and improving daily functions. This makes room for the client to design and fulfill a vision. Although it does take time, their spirit and joy grows and it is such a pleasure for me to witness it!

  1. If readers would like to get more help, what services do you offer them?

Jo Bennett: My one-on-one offering is an 8 month commitment.

We work on multiple life areas, applying layers of mind mapping, articulating strengths and values, assessing emotional intelligence and utilizing tangible organizing solutions. Although coaching is very action oriented, its core benefit depends on the power of intrinsic motivation and this is revealed through deep personal inquiry.

My Liberate! Series of wellbeing workshops grew out of the speaking requests I receive to talk about minimalism and organizing. Holding Self In Priority is a refreshing take on the ‘work/life balance’ discussion and of course the topics Letting Go and Our Relationship with Stuff are popular. There are several more that can be added on to become a weekly gathering or a full weekend retreat.

  • Jo accompanies clients who have a deep desire to pare down and slow down, to clear space and find time for what matters. Living life through the lens of minimalism informs the deep and direct questions that Jo asks her clients, inviting them to simplify so they can lead a satisfying life.
  • For more information, please visit: http://www.solomojo.ca
  • Or follow Jo on Twitter @solomojocoach