7 Canadian publications you need to know: Featuring profiles of people in business

My late Grandfather was a successful small business owner. He would often say, focus your attention on having good relationships with people, because if you want a thriving business:

It’s who you know.

Back then my Grandfather’s advice resonated with me, so I started a tickler file with articles about CEO’s and business professionals, torn out of newspapers and magazines. I would use the information for job hunting or to grow my professional network.

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3 Questions with Life Coach & Minimalist Jo Bennett

Have you heard about Minimalism? To learn more, please meet Jo Bennett. She is a certified life coach and professional organizer, her specialty is Minimalism.

  1. What is your definition of Minimalism? And, how do you apply Minimalism to your coaching practice with clients?

Jo Bennett: Minimalism is mental, emotional and physical decluttering. It is a two fold process of letting go through the conscious curation of objects, assumptions and habits, followed by mindful repossession of the new found ‘space’.

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Preserving Family Histories: Meet Jennifer Campbell

1. Please introduce yourself and briefly tells us what you do?

My name is Jennifer Campbell and I’m a personal historian, also known as a memoir writer, legacy writer, biographer or ghostwriter. I own a company called Heritage Memoirs based in Cobourg, Ontario. I’m married and have two adult sons.

I help people, families and businesses capture and preserve their histories, and publish their stories in heirloom books.

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